North Carolina

The following Financial/Economic and Health information is related to this specific state. For additional state resources or information that applies nationally, please choose from the pulldown menus on the right. You may also access another state at any time via the State Pages pulldown top right.

Financial and Economic Resources

Budget Archive
State Data Center
Tax Reports and Statistics
Consolidated Annual Financial Report
County and Municipal Fiscal Information
Economic Development Intelligence System (Use this link to request a username and password)
Demographic, Economic, and Health Resource Data at County Level

Health Data

North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics
County Level Data Available from SCHS
LHD Facilities, Staffing, and Services Survey

State Pages

Financial and Economic

Consolidated Annual Financial Reports

Budget Archives by State

Other State and Local Finance and Economic Resources

State and Local Tax Codes

Federal and Other Data Resources

Other National Data Resources


Other Health Resources

State Health Statistics Data


Legislative and Regulatory

National Resources

Laws - Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Laws - American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

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