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Public Health Finance is advancing out of a sense of urgency to understand the composition,utilization, and impact of the finances that fund all components of the public health system. Information on this site is provided to increase knowledge about research and analysis on public health finance.

Advancing Public Health Finance: Closing 100-Year Gaps in Education, Training,  and Financial Assessment Methodologies
Priority Areas for Improvement of Quality in Public Health

Recent Research Papers:

Mays GP, Smith SA. Evidence Links Increases in Public Health Spending to Declines in Preventable Deaths. Health Affairs. 2011;30(8):1585-1593.

Honoré PA, Fos PJ, Wang X, Moonesinghe R. The Effects on Population Health of Using a Dedicated Property Tax to Fund Local Public Health Agencies. BMC Public Health. 2011; 11:471.

Suarez V, Lesneski C, Denison D. Making the Case for Using Financial Indicators in Public Health Agencies. American Journal of Public Health. 2011;101(3):419-425.

Riley W, Briggs J, McCullough. Estimating the Financial Resources Needed for Local Public Health Departments in Minnesota. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice. 2011;17(5):413-420.

Erwin PC, Greene SB, Mays GP, Ricketts TC, Davis MC. The Association of Changes in Local Health Department Resources with Changes in State-Level Health Outcomes. American Journal of Public Health. 2011;11(471):609-615.
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