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17th Public Health Finance Roundtable

NACCHO Annual 2010 Conference
Financial Ratio Analysis in Florida County Health Department

13th Public Health Finance Roundtable
State Rx Drug Pricing - Jane Horvath
Using Budgetary Data to Inform Program Implementation: An assessment of funding allocations and program structures among the Colorectal Cancer Control Program Grantees - Krishna P. Sharma & Justin Uhd
Finance Updates from CDC - Craig Thomas
Public Health Investments and Infant Mortality Outcomes - Patrick Bernet
Local Government Spending and Hospital Health Promotion Activities Are Associated with Better Health Outcomes - J. Mac McCullough, J.P. Leider & Simone Singh
How Much Do We Spend? Creating Historical Estimates of Public Health Expenditures in the US at the Federal, State, and Local Levels - J.P. Leider
Improvements Undertaken in the Pacific Marshall Islands - Karl Ensign

12th Public Health Finance Roundtable
Overview of Innovative Funding Mechanisms for Public Health - David Rabinowitz, Laura Snebold & Monica Barrett
Analysis of Ohio’s Annual Financial Report Using PHUND$ - Melissa Branum
Gaps in MPH Financial Management Content Survey of Healthcare Finance Faculty - Michael Morris
B.E.A.M. Certificate Program for Public Health Professionals  (Building Expertise in Administration and Management) -  Roderick King, Alberto Caban-Martinez & Brian Castrucci

11th Public Health Finance Roundtable
Public Health Uniform National Data System (PHUND$) Updates - Ashley Edmiston
ROI Communities of Practice - Lacy Fehrenbach
Savings, Service and Sensitivities: The Rural New York Cross Jurisdictional Sharing Experience - Donald W. Rowe
The Great Recession & Fiscal Allocation for Public Health: How Has Our Slice of The Pie Changed? - J. Mac McCullough, JP Leider & Gulzar Shah
State-level Spending on Public Health by All Governmental Agencies: Using Census of Government Data to Create a New Finance Dataset for the Field - Beth Resnick, JP Leider, Jennifer Le, Natalie Kish, Eoghan Brady, Y. Natalia Alfonso, Art Sensenig & David Bishai

10th Public Health Finance Roundtable
Public Health estimates in the National Health Expenditure Accounts – Beth Resnick & David Bishai
Taxation for public health services – Mac McCullough
Economies of scale and scope in public health: An analysis of food hygiene services provided by local health departments in Florida - Simone Rauscher Singh
How effective are public health departments at preventing mortality? - Timothy Tyler Brown 
Foundational Public Health Services Project – Abby Dilley
Foundational Public Health Services cost estimation – Glen Mays
Uniform Chart of Accounts project – Dave Ross and Vivian Singletary
Demystifying a risk-focused surveillance approach to financial management systems using analytical features in PHUND$ – Peggy Honoré
Composite measure of financial risk – Patrick Bernet

9th Public Health Finance Roundtable

Accreditation and PHUND$: Using PHUND$ to Establish Standards for a “Risk-focused Surveillance Approach” to Financial Management Systems - Peggy Honore

Estimating Return on Investment for Public Health Improvements: Update from ASTHO - Karl  Ensign
Introduction to the Public Health Uniform National Data System (PHUND$) - Jan Wilhoit
Public Health Delivery And Cost Studies (DACS): Using Practice Based Research Networks (PBRNs) To Identify the Components and Costs of Effective Practice - Cezar Mamaril
Public Health Uniform National Data System (PHUND$) Ratio and Trend Analysis - Matt Stefanak
Staff Characteristics Associated with Changes in Public Health Employment from 2008-2010- Patrick M. Bernet
Update on Public Health Financing & Economic Studies from the PHSSR and PBRN Programs- Glen Mays


Teaching Financial Competencies for Public Health - Louis C. Gapenski, Michael E. Morris, Peggy A. Honoré
Public Health Financial Management: Building on Survey Findings  - Julia F. Costich, JD, PhD

Ratio and Trend Analysis

Introducing a Set of Public Health Financial Indicators - Cheryll Lesneski
Financially Assessing a Rural Public Health Department - Cheryll Lesneski
Strategic Use of Financial Indicators: Performance Measurement and Strategy - William Zelman
Viewing Public Health Financial Information from a Different Perspective: Financial Ratio Analysis in Florida County Health Departments - Matthew Dillon
A Local Health Department's Financial Turnaround After the Great Recession  - Matthew Stefanak

System Financing

Financing Mechanisms & Models for a Public Health System of Accounts - Peggy Honore'


Effects of Population Health Status on Using Dedicated Property Taxes to Fund Dedicated Property Taxes to Fund Local Public Health Services - Peggy A. Honoré, Ramal Moonesinghe, Xueyuan Wang

Community Benefit and Community Building

Assessing the Reliability of Self-reported Community Benefit Expenditures: Evidence from Hospitals in California - Simone Rauscher, PhD, Mark Vyzas, BS
Public Health Quality Concepts: A Method for Setting Priorities for Community Benefit and Community Building Activities to Achieve Community Health Improvements - Peggy A. Honoré, DHA


Public Health Entrepreneurship - Peter Jacobson and Jeffrey Wasserman


Consortium Why? Florida Methodology - Ross Dickinson



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